How to start taking Vetom

Even modern medicine is beginning to consider intestinal dysfunction as a cause of health complications and problems such as obesity, sore joints, bruising and hyperacidity of the body, coughs, fungi, rashes, eczema, poor hematopoiesis, diabetes, but also depression, premature aging and much more.

The human intestinal tract is the largest organ of human immunity and concentrates 70% of the immune cells of the entire human body.

Only a properly functioning and cleansed digestive tract is able to absorb beneficial nutrients, minerals and biologically active substances.

All Vetom preparations contain the unique bacteria Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus amylolique-faciens, which have been bred for decades in secret research (see History of Vetom) to gradually develop antibodies against viruses and bacteria that would help them survive and be able to survive. They thus stored all the information obtained in themselves, in their DNA. Always with a new antibody, bacteria have become more resistant.

When the preparation is used, the bacteria contained in VETOM products multiply in the digestive tract within two to five days. When these bacteria enter the human body, they do their own research there and mark the body with hostile viruses and bacteria.
Vetom products are able to restore the biological balance of the intestinal microflora and thus harmonize the whole organism.

After performing the required tasks, bacteria are eliminated from the body.
At this moment, the body is ready to receive far higher amounts of nutrients and biologically active substances.

Step no.1

We recommend to use Vetom 1.1 preparation to strengthen the body.
For optimal results, we recommend using 2 packs of  Vetom 1.1 preparation.

VETOM intensive set

This treatment helps to maintain an effective amount of beneficial bacteria – it is cleansing the digestive tract and improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The purified digestive tract is then able to absorb nutrients and biologically active substances much better.

In order to achieve the most intense effect, we recommend gradually applying all preparations of the VETOM series in all their complexity. Why? Due to the fact that each person has an individual spectrum of microorganisms in their digestive tract, it is not possible to determine in advance which of the Vetom preparations will be the most effective for a particular person.

We recommend Vetom intensive set.

The set contains preparations: Vetom 1.1 – 2x, Vetom 3 – 1x, Vetom 4 – 1x.

Procedure of use:

Step 1: Vetom 1.1 Bacillus subtilis bacteria, supports activity of the organism and immune system

Step 2: Vetom 4 – Bacillus subtilis bacteria, acts mainly in the small intestine.

Step 3: Vetom 3 – Bacillus amyloliquefaciens bacteria, acts mainly in the large intestine.

This proven procedure and dosage maximizes the positive effect on the human body and gives the body the ability to maintain beneficial bacteria in an effective amount. 


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