Almost all my life I suffered from digestive problems. I took many medications, but none of it was helpful for a longer time. After I underwent the Vetom cure, I started to feel much better. Over the course of several months, my condition has gradually begun to improve. I can not believe it yet. Although I must admit that at first I did not quite believe the described effects, now, based on my experience, I can say Vetom is almost a miracle.

Jan Vinař, 60 years old


From autumn to spring I was often sick. Classical drugs and antibiotics have not been helpful at all. Thanks to one doctor, I learned about Vetom. I have been using Vetom for the last year and a half, always twice a year. My results and experiences are very positive because I am almost never ill. And when I catch something, I recover very quickly. Just do not expect the results immediately. It takes longer than two months to about half a year to get positive results.

Pavel Brtna, 43 years old


I have had long-term problems with bloating and swelling all over my body, I suffered from  chronic fatigue as well. I tried everything, after classic medicine and Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, I went through many examinations, everything was always okay but I did not know what to do because my difficulties did not stop. Gradually, I used a whole product range of Vetom. I have to say that I was feverish, suffered from higher temperature and herpes in the first week of use. But I was warned about such possible reaction. So I persisted. Today, after 2.5 months, the swellings disappeared and I even lost a few pounds. I have more energy, and even if people around me have a flu, my immunity is strong. I’ll definitely take another Vetom preventive cure in a few months again.

Pavlína Dvořáková, 43 years old


I had very common problems with chronic constipation. I used the whole set of Vetom preparations – 1.1, 2, 3, 4. Over the course of a few weeks, I felt relief and improvement. Moreover, in the first month I lost 4 kg, so much impurities left my colon. I feel great and will definitely repeat the whole course again in the future. Moreover, I have not had a flu ever since.

Michael Kaucky, 54 years old


I have suffered a lot of rashes for a very long time, even since puberty I suffered from acne, also in the adulthood. I decided to do something about it – I changed the diet, started to practice more, but the problem was not solved completely. I found an advertisement of Vetom preparations accidentaly. I searched for it and read reviews and decided to give it a try. In just a few weeks I’ve noticed the first changes, and later my skin remained clear, the rashes and acne was gone. I used the capsules Vetom 1.1 to 4 gradually.

Stanislav Vlach, 34 years old


I’ve been using Vetom 1.1 for years, and it really helps. It’s really great for boosting your immunity. If you are often ill, Vetom is noticeably helpful and it´s effect still obvious about half a year after discontinuing using it. During the year I did not take any antibiotics at all, and even if I cought a cold, it just went away alone, the body itself can fight the cold.

Vlasta Zimova, 45 years old


I suffered from flatulence and constipation for a long time. After ten days of using Vetom 2, my problems ceased, my stomach deflated, and the bloating was gone. Now I want to go through the whole Vetom course to reinforce my immunity.

Katka Janů, 37 years old


Our famili has been using Vetom products very hapilly for almost three years now. We almost do not get sick. Even when there are various epidemics at school, our children remain healthy. They also ceased to suffer from the various allergies that have annoyed them. We are much more resilient and healthier.

Daniela Nováková, 42 years old


I have suffered from chlamydia since I was 18 years old. I started using Vetom 1.1 and Vetomgin. I used one pack of Vetom 1.1, the cure lasted for ten days, then I took Vetomgin. Today I got the results from my gynecologist and the chlamydia examination is negative.

Anna Stráská, 28 years old


During pregnancy, one week before giving birth, I got the flu. I used Vetom 1.1 because I could not take antibiotics or other medicines during pregnancy. Within a few days the flu has faded away, and I gave birth to a healthy beautiful girl. I also have great experience with Vetomgin, which I also used in the past.

Helena Budínová, 32 years old


I experienced all the Vetom preparations. I believe Vetom preparations are the best in the food supplements market. By the way, they helped me with diarrhea, after the first dose (I use Vetom 2) I felt better. I also have excellent experience with Bioseptin ointment, it has helped me perfectly with burned skin.

Anna Šafaříková, 63 years old


I personally use Vetom 2, it has helped me a lot with my digestive problems that I have annoyed me for a long time.
Many of my friends already use Vetom preparations and they are very happy with the results. They are much less sick than before.

Lenka Haklová, 53 years old


I went to a hospital with a severe rash, my doctors diagnosed dermatitis. I started using Bioseptin ointment and started to use Vetom 1.1. The medications I have used so far have been very expensive and they did not help me at all. Bioseptin helped me in a few days, and the cost of treatment was minimal comparing to how much I spent for the previous ineffective treatment with classical medicines. On top of that, the ointment does not contain corticosteroids like many others.

Sabina Richterová, 24 years old


7 years ago my gallbladder was surgically removed. After the surgery I suffered from complications with digestion. I had a tendency to diarrhea. Then they told me I had dysbacteriosis. I had to keep a hard diet, but I still had troubles. I began to take Vetom a year ago. I can not say that everything is perfect, but I feel much better. My digestion improved greatly and now I can finally eat even without strict restrictions.

Jana Sevcikova, 53 years old


Three years ago my menouause began, and probably because of the hormonal changes in my body, my immunity got worse. I was often sick, spasms of hot and cold were changing quickly, I was mentally in a kind of lethargy and apathy, almost completely without energy. I suffered from frequent joint pains …. My sister is 5 years older than me but she looks better and feels great. After some time I asked her what a secret she uses, because I did not see any symptoms of menopause on her. She advised me to start using Vetom. I’ve been using these preparations for the past year, I used two Vetom treatments already and I’m feeling much better generally! I hope it will last like that.

Marie Plánská, 54 years old

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