Are you often sick and antibiotics do not deal with the disease anymore? You need Interferon!!!

Are you often sick, is angina coming back again and again? Are you feeling sick too often? Antibiotics do not work anymore? You drink Coldrex like tea? You need Interferon!!!

Vetom activates your immunity via interferon.
Vetom activates your immunity via interferon.

What is interferon and why is it so important for the body’s immunity?
The immune system of the human organism has many defense components that complement and overlap each other.
A very important part of the natural defenses of the organism are INTERFERONS.

What is hidden under this magical word, why are they so important and how can their natural creation be supported?
are complex proteins that respond to the body’s encounter with virus.
They were discovered in 1957 to provide antiviral defense to the organism.

How does it work?
The cell that is infected with a virus begins to produce interferons. They begin to communicate with neighboring cells, follow up on their membranes, mark them and increase their resistance to viral infection.
Interferons in the end change the properties of the cell membrane to prevent the virus from continuing to penetrate into the cell and multiply it. In the cells, antiviral status is induced by the action of surrounding interferon.
Interferons play an important role in suppressing viruses, are part of the induction of fever and the body help prevent cancerous growth.
Natural interferon production helps in reducing the risk of viral infections.

But what if the body is weakened and does not produce enough interferon for antiviral protection? How to help the body increase interferon production?
Interferon α 2 is naturally produced by Bacillus subtilis bacteria, which are part of the Vetom supplements.

Vetom 1.1 and Vetom 1.23 contain strains of these bacteria that are capable of producing high interferon amount. In practice, this means, that people who use supplements with these bacteria, have their cells less vulnerable. Thus, there is a significant reduction in the risk of flu, colds, and more serious illnesses caused by viruses.

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