Differences between preparations

Differences between Vetom preparations

Vetom preparations 1.23, Vetom 1.1, Vetom 2, Vetom 3 and Vetom 4 are similar in the effect on the human organism.
However, they use different microorganisms, that are active in different parts of the intestine and digestive tract and produce a variety of biologically active substances around themselves.
Therefore, their effects on the human organism are different.

Differences between Vetom 1.23 and Vetom series products 1.1, 2, 3, 4

We can simply say that Vetom 1.1 preparation in the form of a capsule and Vetom 1.23 in liquid form are identical with the content of the bioactive component of Bacillus subtilis. The most important feature of these two preparations is the production of so-called interferon, which helps the body to very effectively activate and optimize its immunity.
Vetom 1.23 is also more conducive in its currative effect on patients with diabetes.

Other products like Vetom 2, 3 and 4 are activated in different parts of the intestine . All of these products, with bioactive substances, cleanse the intestinal tract and optimize metabolism. They differ in the content of each species of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. Which have predefined specifications, where they should act. Vetom 4 acts in the small intestine , Vetom 3 in the large intestine and Vetom 2 in both – the small and the large intestine simultaneously, but at a much lower concentration, therefore we recommend it to stabilize already cleansed intestines.

Why do we recommend using the whole Vetom peparation set?

In order to maximize the positive effect on the organism, it is desirable to use successively all Vetom preparation set. In the first stage to activate and optimize the immune system. Then alternately effectively clean all parts of the intestine from pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora. To achieve an intensive effect on human organism in all complexity, it is necessary to gradually apply all products of the Vetom series.

If you use Vetom 1.1, Vetom 2, Vetom 3, Vetom 4 as a complete cure, then you will get a higher healing effect.

We recommend to use the Vetom preparations in the following order:

Vetom 1.1 first activates and optimizes immunity.
Then Vetom 4 stimulates the activity and cleans the small intestine from the pathogenic microflora.
After a break, Vetom 3 in the same way supports the large intestine.
We follow the sequences of the digestive tract logically.
Vetom 2 contains both bacteria as Vetom 3 and 4, but at a much lower concentration. Our body has become accustomed to it in the previous process. And now more efficient process of cleaning and colonizing ot the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria can occur.