When your organism is over-acidificated, you will not lose weight even if you do everything right !!

When your organism is over-acidificated, you will not lose weight even if you do everything right !!

Vetom helps in weight loss and over-acidification
Vetom helps in weight loss and over-acidification

It is the end of June behind the door, the very last time we can do something for our body and figure so that we can feel good, when we take off our dresses and wear swimsuits and enjoy the summer and our deserved holidays ….
Many people say to themselves, “if i cut down on pastry, eliminate steaks and fries for diner,.in a week the figure is back where it used to be”
But what if it does not work this way like it always used to?
What’s wrong?
So we decide to add some sports, jogging in the evening for example… we drink more clean water …But again…no weight loss is happening ..

Where is the problem?
Have you experienced that old methods of loosing weight do not work any longer like they used to?
We will not bother you any longer… The answer is easy.

You are over-acidificated!
Why? How does our body get over-acidifated?
Due to several reasons, like for example drinking of alcohol, smoking, drinking coffee.. ! Sometimes we can hear about positive influence of coffee on the over-acidification of the organism. Well, well, if you drink 2 cups of coffee a day, it’s still in the norm, but not more of it.

Nowadays we eat far more meat than our parents and grandparents used to. Meat is much easier to access. Perhaps no one at the present time can imagine that he would have to undergo the process of slicing a domestic chicken because of the roasted chicken, burn his body with water, pluck feathers and cast off the intestines. The modern meat industry does everything for us.

We consume too much bread, especially bread made out of white flour. Yes, even if you say, but I eat the wholegrain healthier version of bread, do not get easily confused. Mostly it’s a colored wheat flour just evoking a feeling of a healthier product. Nowadays you can already buy rye bread, which is far healthier.

We use too much sugar. It is contained everywhere. Although we do not put three sugar cubes in the tea. Sugar is mainly used as a preservative, so it is contained in all foods that need to be preserved for a long time. When you want to sweeten, get really high-quality chocolate with a high content of cocoa.

We do not include vegetables and fruits in our diet sufficiently. Although fruit contains natural sugar, in the morning it is the right time to consume it, but not in the evening. Fruit also contains important fiber that is necessary for our digestion.

As far as vegetables are concerned, our plate should be covered with at least one third with vegetables and in the evenings it should be even more. Vegetables have hardly any calories, and they also awaken enzymatic processes which are so important for our digestion.

It is also necessary to search the reason of over-acidification in our mental state of health and stress. According to world studies, this is probably the biggest threat recently, particularly the long-term unresolved stress. Also bad feeling like worries, sorrows, sadness, fear and anxiety, all of these emotions can result in depression and activate the body’s acidification process…

How to come out of it all?

Do not expect the change to happen in a few days, or weeks.

Start enjoying life more, laugh more, watch a nice movie, meet your friends, etc.. Do some jogging or running. If you don’t like jogging or running, go dancing.

Eat more of the right alkaline foods and the results will come to you finally.

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