Frequently asked questions and answers

Is Vetom a Cure?

No. Vetom is definitely not a cure. It’s a patented probiotic preparation, that can effectively boost immunity and activate the digestive tract processes, it stimulates the proper functioning of the body and mibilizes its own healing power.

The product box is labled with the name „Betom“ and you call it „Vetom“. Why?

The original product is patented with its russian name and in the russian alphabet „B“ means „V“ in english and czech. So in russian alphabet, the product name is written as „Betom“ and in english and czech language as „Vetom“.

Is the product registered in the Czech Republic?

Yes, of course, the product has passed all required attestations according to the laws of the Czech Republic that we follow. Products are registered as a dietary supplement and probiotic.

Does the product packaging contain a Czech translation?

Yes, all products contain a leaflet with a Czech translation and all related data according to the relevant Czech laws.

Why does a normally healthy person have a untidy bowel?

From the first to the last day of our life we ​​receive a large number of bacteria, germs and viruses from the food we eat, from the water we drink, from the air we breathe. Most of them settle in our bowels.
These organisms survive in us and produce toxins that are absorbed into the blood. Toxins interfere with the normal passage and absorption of nutrients needed to restore organ cells. In such a toxic environment, various diseases can arise.
Most viruses and bacteria need oxygen to survive. Therefore, they produce a glair on the walls of the intestines into which oxygen is collected from food. The glair makes a coating that prevents the intake and effective use of nutritional and beneficial substances in our body.

Why are the Vetom series probiotics so effective?

The Vetom preparations have a strictly selective and targeted effect based on the patent. After taking the Vetom product, the active ingredient of Bacillus subtilis begins to search for oxygen in our body. It finds it in the already mentioned intestinal glair. It starts to create antibodies and eliminate the bacteria and viruses living in the glair. The cleansed intestinal system stops releasing toxins into the body and our organism can receive far more nutrients and other beneficial organisms. Our body begins to heal itself.

What is “interferon”?

Interferon or Interferon alfa – 2, so called „human“ – is an immune protein that acts in the body’s antiviral defense. Interferon prevents the proliferation of viruses and refers to infected cells in the body. Interferons bind to the membranes of surrounding cells and increase their resistance or resistance to viral infection. By acting on cells, they cause antivirus status. They were discovered in 1957 as biomolecules with strong antiviral activity.
Human interferon alfa-2, which is produced by Bacillus subtilis, enters the bloodstream through the walls of the digestive tract and prevents viruses from infecting cells.

Interferon changes the properties of the cell membrane, prevents the adhesion of the virus and its penetration into the cell.
Interferon activates the synthesis of a number of specific ferments, disrupting the synthesis of viral RNA (RNA) and viral proteins in the cell. It changes the cell membrane cytoskeleton and prevents the proliferation (growth, neoplasm) of cancer cells. It acts on the synthesis of some oncogenes and inhibits (slows down or stops) tumor growth.

Why is it recommended to use the full range of Vetom series?

It is not possible to determine in advance which of the Vetom preparations will be most effective for a particular person, because each person has an individual spectrum of microorganisms in their digestive tract. In order to maximize the positive effect on the organism, it is desirable to use successively all the Vetom series preparations throughout the complex.

Why is it recommended to take the Vetom preparation in the specific order (Vetom 1.1, Vetom 4, Vetom 3 and then Vetom 2?

Simply put, Vetom 1.1 activates and optimizes immunity in the first phase. Then, with Vetom 4, we activate colon cleansing and cleansing of the small intestine from pathogenic microflora, and after a break with Vetom 3, we support the colon activity in the same way. We follow the sequences of the digestive tract aktivity logically. Vetom 2 contains both Vetom 3 and 4 bacteria at the same time, our body has become accustomed to it in the previous process, and now more efficient process of cleaning and colonization of the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria can occur.

What are the differences between Vetom series products?

You can find the answer in section Differences between Vetom 1.23 and Vetom 1.1, 2, 3, 4.

Why should I discontinue usinf of Vetom 1.1 and Vetom 1.23 after 10 days of use for 2 months?

Vetom 1.1 and Vetom 1.23 help the body to create so called interferon. This refers to infected cells in the body. Interferons bind to surrounding cell membranes and increase their resistance to viral infection. Their action causes antivirus status. After 10 days, however, the number of so-called “killers” increases with interferon. The body then kills its own cells and an autoimmune reaction of the organism can occur rarely. In the case of complement therapy in cancer, it is a highly desirable effect – the “kkiller” especially destroys the cancer cells.

How many Vetom 1.1 capsules can I use in the maximum amount of 10 days of use for maximum immunity optimization?

For maximum effect, you can take 10 capsules a day, it means a total of 100 capsules in 10 days. Then discontinue using of Vetom 1.1 for 2 months.

How long is it possible to use Vetom 2, 3, 4?

These preparations can be used on a long-term basis. If someone feels a positive effect of Vetom 2 and uses 2 capsules a day, it is possible to use it for three months without any break, for example.

Can I take Vetom 1.1 and Vetom 2 at the same time?

Certainly not. Each product contains specific bioactive substances, the efficacy of which is precisely determined. The process of activating and optimizing your immunity, as well as the proper digestive tract activity, will not speed up. Take precautions and take the preparation according to the recommended dosage

Why do capsules contain sucrose (sugar) and starch?

Starch provides additional mechanical protection for the bacteria and provides a more even distribution of the weight of the filler. At the same time, it helps to accelerate the reproduction of bacterial spores, which increases the efficiency of the activity.
Sugar is not only a filling but it has a stabilizing and preserving effect in the preparation and creates better conditions for the storage of bacterial spores.

What is the recommended dosage for children?

For children, we recommend half-dosing.

From what age do you recommend using Vetom for children?

From 1 year of age.

Can people with diarrhea and flatulence also benefit from Vetom?

Yes, the product modifies the whole digestive tract and optimizes its activity.

Is there any restriction on allergies when using Vetom?

Rarely an allergy to starch or glucose, very exceptionally hay allergy can occur.

Is there any limitation for people who have a diabetes diagnose?

Yes, in more detail, we write about it in the section For Diabetics .

Can people with high/low pressure use Vetom?

Yes, Vetom may be a probiotic, it has no side effects and doesn´t effet the blood pressure.

When I use virostatic, can I also take immunity support Vetom 1.1 or Vetom 1.23?

No, we do not recommend using both of them at once. Basically Vetom also works as virostatics. Start using Vetom after you finish using virostatic medicine. Use it for a maximum of 10 days, then a 2-month break is required.

What is Vetom used for?

Please go to the Effect and Spectrum of Spectrum Effectiveness folder .

How does Vetom work for oncology patients?

Please go to the For Oncology Patients section.

Can I give Vetom my 87-year-old mother?

Vetom is a probiotic. If you follow the recommended dosage, there is no reason to worry.

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