What is Vetom?

What is Vetom?


  • A wide spectrum natural product of the latest generation with maximum effect.
  • A unique patented activator and IMMUNITY stimulator, which increases immunity of the body and restores all functions of the human body.
  • A unique product that uses natural and gentle way to maintain health of the whole organism.
  • Vetom preparations are very effective in regenerating the body and preventing wide range of diseases .


  • Preparations are used to prevent and cure many viral and bacterial diseases. Based on long-term observations, it has been shown that vetric and infectious diseases almost disappear in the spring and autumn use of Vetom series.
  • It restores the immune system after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, reduces the toxic effects during and after treatment, has proven itself as a means of complementary therapy for cancer and cancer.
  • Positive and protective effects of asthma, chlamydia, allergies, hepatitis A, B and C, liver cirrhosis and various autoimmune diseases have been reported.

Vetom helps the body to cope with the disease and mobilizes its own strength

Vetom series products:

  • activate regeneration processes in the body
  • icrease the body’s defense against viruses and infections
  • eliminate dangerous microorganisms from the small and large intestine
  • very quickly recover and optimize intestinal activity
  • activate the balanced state of the intestinal microflora
  • retain high efficiency even during passage through the aggressive stomach environment
  • are not addictive
  • are not carcinogenic, mutant and allergic
  • are produced in full compliance with ecological principles of the environment

VETOM preparations contain microbial cell masses of live spores of Bacillus subtilis.
The bacterium Bacillus Subtilis has evolved over several million years. During its development, it encountered viruses, molds and bacteria on its way that forced it to make such antibodies to survive and could continue to reproduce. It saved all the aquired information in its DNA.

This bacterium occurs in the pure nature of Siberia in Russia and also in some places in Alaska and northern Canada.
For the production of Vetom preparations, bacteria from the naturally pure environment of Siberia was isolated and used.

The patented Vetom series products have been manufactured by the world-renowned research laboratories of NFP “Issledovatělskij center” Kolcovo.
NFP Laboratories Issledovatělskij Center is constantly working to find ways and means to improve the critical ecological situation on the planet.
Developed NFP products and technologies of the “Issledovatělskij center” have passed the production and consumer testing phase in the Russian Federation and other countries, including the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the People’s Republic of China, Germany, Great Britain and Italy.