Effect principle

Effect principle of the Vetom preparations

On what principle do Vetom preparations work?

It is known that 70% of immunity and health depend on the state of our intestines. When the body has a balanced intestinal microflora and the digestive tract works the way it should work, the body can cope with virosis and adjust the immunity to defend itself more effectively.
Due to the environment, poor diet, stress, or excessive use of antibiotics, the state of our internal environment may destabilize.

What then happens in our body?

Our intestines get blocked, we get flatulend, our lymph stops working, we can tend to constipation and obesity. All these diorders are associated with other diseases such as increased blood pressure, the occurrence of allergies of various types, rashes, inflammations and others.

How do we make the body work again properly without using any chemical drugs?

Yes, we need to help the body to re-create the optimal inner environment.

How specifically?

Probiotic preparations of the Vetom series that contain bioactive substances – Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, have a wide-spectrum effects.
Strains of these bacteria contain clear specifications – to wake up their activity at a specific location and under specified conditions.
When using the preparation, the bacteria populates the digestive tract of the host, acclimates and multiplies within two to five days.

Bacteria act as a bioactive substance that produces ferments, amino acids, vitamins and bacteria, which, like antibiotics, neutralize and kill germs, tumor neoplasms and other defective cells.
Unlike chemical antibiotics, which destroy any bacteria without distinction, the bioactive components of Vetom preparations destroy only defective and harmful cells and bacteria, do not create habit, have no side effects, on the contrary, they are able to remove the already developed resistance, restore the biological balance of the intestinal microflora and stimulate the entire immune system.

This complex of natural antibiotics is absorbed into the bloodstream by intestinal walls and distributed to all organs.
After performing the required tasks – suppressing and destroying unwanted bacteria, clearing the walls of the digestive tract from rotting residues to creating the right balance of gastrointestinal microorganisms, bacteria are easily and naturally eliminated from the body.

Vetom helps the body cope with the disease and mobilizes its own strength.

Strains of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens :

  • They are not destroyed by gastric juices or bile acids or high temperatures
  • Are extremely stable and actively suppress the growth and development of harmful and dangerous microorganisms in the small and large intestine
  • Are capable of producing enzymes that destroy toxins and defective cells while stimulating cell regeneration
  • Stimulate immunity of the organism
  • Increase the resistance of the organism to various types of infectious diseases
  • Eliminate the tendency to allergies
  • Set up and biologically restore balanced intestinal microflora, including lactobacteria and bifidobacteria, and stabilize the digestive tract
  • Produce natural antibiotics that have a strong anti-inflammatory effect in many diseases such as angina, pneumonia, kidney inflammation,
  • Have no side effects as chemical antibiotics, but on the contrary, they remove the already developed resistance to them

Only the bacteria contained in Vetom 1.1 is capable of producing interferon that actively prevents the propagation of viruses and refers to infected cells in the body, creating antitumor and immune-stimulating activities.